Yes MyFarm Sdn Bhd
2-3, Jalan Merbah 1,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Missional Business
Development Center
3.5 mile, Off Jalan
28700 Bentong,
Pahang, Malaysia.

Community Farm

MBDC 123

1 Increase Your Network
We will hold different types of activities and functions gathering talented people from different places between organizations. Here, you get in touch and connections with professional people from different fields. Creating chances to do business together, learn and play together through offline and online.
2 Build Your Platform
Here, we establish different types of Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch platforms. With guidance from our consultants and professionals from different industries, these platforms act as a base to support, develop and create business opportunities. It includes building relationships, establish an undertaking, distribute equity and much more .............
3 Create Dream & Future
At this missional resort, you get the chance to be a practicing owner, learning to develop missional resorts together. Develop thousands of careers to benefit nearby communities. Through missional projects, people of different field possess different job opportunities.

Helping the Underprivileged

Outward PlayGroup and Learn Group is a nature interaction activity suitable for everyone with no age limit. It provides interesting educational activities for learning while playing in the nature environment. PlayGroup and LearnGroup provides a fully natural environment. Here, adult and children can both have the chance to enjoy the nature’s embrace, even by simply lying down on a tent watching the stars, cooking a delicious meal and being close playmates with animals would let you have a joyful time.

Everyone has a dream hidden somewhere down in their hearts. Come and look for people with the same direction, equip and create a self-working place while experiencing from partnering, entrepreneurship to enterprise mode of operation and finally achieve your dreams along the steps. Not only can we learn together, we could also choose to study prerequisite classes recognized by foreign universities, 34 professional vocational education subjects or workplace skills training recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources.

A missional enterprise development suitable for workplace people, we are leading the community to build Malaysia’s 4th missional community garden. We also plan to build 123 similar community gardens to the ASEAN countries. The mission here is to create job opportunities, minimize poverty while helping the underprivileged including old folks community home that possesses a living environment designed just for the seniors. It is a CSR project, a marketplace transformation ministry.


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