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Missional Business
Development Center
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28700 Bentong,
Pahang, Malaysia.


“Business is a primary moving force of the love in human history.” said by Dallas Willard

Business has given power and potential for good in the world. Yet too often business people have not been affirmed in their call to business. We want business man and women redemptive work through business in the world. We want to help change the message that business people are hearing and mobilize them for action. What if the untapped business resources in the globally were released for missional impact? What if more business people were world-leaders at tackling global through business? This business as mission website is about connecting and resourcing businesses and business people to that end.

Mission Business is inspired by The Lausanne's Business as Mission Movement. We are a diverse team of a group of Christian business professionals who are passionate about integrating faith and business through the training of leaders & entrepreneurs. We provide a platform to promote business practices that upkeep Biblical principles, standards, and integrity.

MBDC provides networking opportunities, training programs and the exchange of technical expertise and business knowledge, mentoring and coaching programs, annual national conference, and numerous technology and business seminars. Besides, we also partner businesses & social enterprises, conduct training, and reach out to the marketplace.

We recognize both the dire need for and the importance of business development. However, it is more than just business. Business as Mission is about business with a Kingdom perspective, purpose and impact. We knew that there is a need for job creation and for multiplication of businesses all over the world, aiming at the quadruple bottom line: spiritually, economically, socially and environmentally transformation. The fact that has a huge and largely untapped resource in the business community to meet needs of the world in and through business

Mission Business Benefits:                                                                                                                                                                       
1) Maintain a close contact with business associates

2) Platform For everyone suggestions/inspirations on how to handle business challenges

3) Share business ideas with business associates

4) Initiate, organize and participate in trade shows and expositions

5) Increasing your business network and opportunities

6) Be our project equity shareholder through finding members.
7) Learn how to get equity share investment

C.E.O:  Mr. Andrew                                                                                       


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